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Knowledge about fasteners.

What are fasteners? Fasteners are a general term for a type of mechanical parts used to fasten two or more parts (or components) into a whole. Also known as standard parts in the market. What do fasteners usually include? Fasteners include the following 12 categories: bolts, studs, screws, nuts, self-tapping screws, wood screws, washers, retaining rings, pins, rivets, assemblies, connecting pairs and welding studs. Fasteners can also be classified by material (aluminum alloy, alloy steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, etc.), by head type (raised and countersunk), by force type (tensile, shear), by aperture ( Standard level, plus one level, plus two level, etc.). The role of each part of the fastener: Bolt: a fastener consisting of a top and a screw, generally used in conjunction with a nut; Stud: A fastener with threads on both sides; Screws: Fasteners composed of tops and screws, which can be divided into equipment screws, fixing screws and special-purpose screws; Nuts: Internally threaded holes, mating bolts, fastener applications; Self-tapping screws: similar to machine screws, but the thread is a unique thread of self-tapping screws; Wood screws: The thread in wood screws is a special thread that can be put directly into the wood; Washers: Ring-shaped fasteners located between nuts, bolts, screws, and brackets. Retaining ring: plays the role of preventing the movement of parts on the shaft or hole; Pin: mainly used for part positioning; Rivet: A fastener consisting of a top and a shank. Used to connect two parts with holes for fastening, non-removable; Parts and Connection Pairs: Parts refer to assembled fasteners; connection pairs are fasteners consisting of unique bolts and nut washers. Welding nails: Special-shaped fasteners are fixed on one part according to the welding process and connected with other parts. The above is the relevant knowledge about what fasteners generally include.

Post time: Dec-09-2022